Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Things That I Like Today

I think that Josh Hillis is a genious. While I have never tried Kettlebell exercises, I think that his opinion on fitness and health are RIGHT ON. He focuses on lifting HEAVY things. Squats and lunges. Eating for life, not eating for a diet.
Check him out:

Does anyone else love looking at really good trash-talking about the really funny things that celebrities wear? Seriously, Rhianna wears things that look like they belong in a tool shed, or better yet a construction site- rather than things that anyone should venture into public wearing. If you are this person, you need to check out Go Fug Yourself: It is absolutely hilarious and the writing is very witty.

So has anyone seen the new "Tough Love" on VH1? Well, I love this show. I love it because there is nothing better than having guys call a train wreck a train wreck- and then showing said train wreck a video of the guy calling her a train wreck. Nothing better. BUT- there is one particular train wreck on the show that I recognized immediately.
Where have I seen her before? I know I have.... Videos

Well, train-wreck was an understatement...

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Kelly said...

super cool...I will add you to my list of blogs i follow...