Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oh The Rain

I've never "blogged" before. I'm not really even sure what a "blog" is. All I know is I can write anything I want in here and everyone else can read it (although I'm sure no one will want to) considering my life is eh, dull enough for me to create a blog with no intentional purpose except to ramble on to oh you know, the world wide web.
I imagine that I am going to use this new "blogging" technology to find out who I am. I'm trying to figure out what to do with my life. I've recently switched to a school in a different city with absolutely no idea what to do. I was a Technical Journalism major and my new school, while very large, strangely has no Journalism Department.
I feel like writing may be my passion. But I am one of those people who thinks, hey, I can do that! To just about EVERYTHING!
Here are a few things I want to do with my life, or have thought about doing:
1) Moving to NY or LA to pursue a modeling career (yeah right)
2) Practicing my vocals and becoming the next "Kelly Clarkson" by being spotted on Americal Idol (oh yeah)
3) Becoming a big time lawyer (how much more schoool???)
4) Becoming a free-lance writer (umm.. I already have writers block)
5)PR (flooded marketplace?)
6)Opening my own restaurant- since I've been in the industry 4 years now! (I hate my job)
7)Getting a degree in nutrition (bio what?)
8)Becoming a personal trainer(how do you even DO this?)
9)Graphic design/website design
Anyway- Today is July 8th and my neighbors are still blowing off fireworks, which are causing my dogs to walk around with their tales between their legs.
I quite my job and have yet to "man-up" and get a new one. Yawn.
I'm reading Jen Lancasters second book (I've already read the first and third) I love her and want to watch Americas Next Top Model with her and talk about how much prettier we are than those girls, not to mention smarter than most.
I need to find a hobby. Immediately. Or I may start not only writing to myself, but talking to myself, and possibly answering to myself.