Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fireworks and Dreamweaver (or lackthereof)

I most definitely want to start creating my own templates for my blog. Unfortunately the wonderful CSS tutorial is all used up on my computer thank you to my Computer Mediated Visual Communication class where I had to make the hokiest website ever (check it out at http://simla.colostate.edu/~kalugin/bike_foco.html... it is majorly lame-but my first attempt at actual website design)

But now I have no CSS (dreamweaver) and no way to create my own templates! And no money. Needless to say I am a college student (going on year three woop-woop*throws arm in air-punching-motion.)

Any ideas?

I'm still learning all about this "blogging" practice. I'm not thoroughly informed through all of the blogging in's and out's yet, but I'm happily making my way through the world of bloggers.
I have noticed a nice trend they call "Blog to booking." I desperately want to be published! Although I have yet to write anything to be published! But knowing that this may one day lead me to my destiny makes me quite happy.

But on to things that DO NOT make me happy.
The people in my neighborhood who find it necessary to *pop* their happy little fireworks midday and late July. Isn't the whole purpose of fireworks to save them ALL up for that wonderful 4th of the month to blow something BIG up, saving the rest of them for the next year?
Because it is DRIVING MY DOGS CRAZY, which in turn is DRIVING ME CRAZY. And the fact that my 100lb Alaskan Malamute is trying to fit into my *cough*too small to be called a closet-closet, is about to make me go show this most-likely-thirteen-year-old-boy-withnosupervision where the fireworks will go if they do not sustain from being blown off until the designated day FOR blowing them off.

Now I'm going to go clean up the almost "accident" my 10lb Shihtzu(sp?) just had due to said fireworks on the kitchen floor.

Thank you Uncle Sam!