Monday, July 21, 2008

Movie Openings, the iphone, and morons

I recently went out, apparently along with everyone else in Colorado, and saw The Dark Night. The new Batman movie. I saw it mistakingly at 12:01am, along with, EVERYONE ELSE IN COLORADO.

After many debates with my boyfriend about how I was completely and utterly let down with Batman Begins, and my newly found anger towards this "wanna be superhero." I gave in and went and saw it. I will not lie, it was good. And when I say good I mean gooood, with extra O's to emphasize the wonderful preformance by the late Ledger. The joker most definitely made the movie, and it was well worth the wait in line to see it.

But here's my question: why, when there is a movie opening, and the theater is packed, does everyone have to act like a complete ASS? These things only happen in movies like Batman, Superman, Transformers, and the like... but c'mon. If ya'll are die-hard fans, why must you all talk and shout throughout the movie. Yelling back and forth like we're at a highschool football game and we're spitting on our hands before shaking "good game." Seriously? If your at a movie at 12am you should be old enough to shut your mouth and watch the movie that you decorated your car for!

And my other note tonight has to deal with the Iphone. My boyfriend has been trying to get one for days now, but its seemingly impossible. It's been, what, two weeks? Since they came out? And Apple has this brilliant plan to only release a numbered amount a day, so that everyone has to race to the store (with limited locations) and wait in line to be told that the 50 year old gray haired lady that doesn't know what an "upgrade" is will be receiving the last 16gig 3G- which isn't what you wanted anyway, but you'll take it because YOUR SICK OF THIS F*N LINE!

That is enough for now. But seriously, Batman is SUCH a poser.