Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bicycling: friend or foe?

So today I decided to try a different exercise. I love to bike, but since I have moved away from my cute little college-bike-friendly-town, I've been a little put off of the whole idea of sucking in car fumes and being given the "bird" by passerby cars.
Today I found a few things wrong with riding a bike in a town like mine:
1.) Road kill. I saw more dead animals than I ever wanted to see.
2.) The magical dissappearing sidewalk. One second- sidewalk! The next-no sidewalk!
3.) The heavy flow of traffic that finds it absolutely necessary to swerve anxiously into the next lane for fear of my bicycling skills. Like, come on, pro here ya'll.
4.) Various bugs flying in out or aroung my mouth and or forehead.

Although, I still love my bicycle. My town is NOT bicycle friendly. No sidewalks. No bike lanes. Dead animals sprayed throughout the road. I WANT MY CUTE BICYCLE-FRIENDLY-COLLEGE-TOWN back!!

Oh, and considering I was the only person biking throughout the entire town (minus one old man in a big house-big mortgage neighborhood far far from my one bedroom eighteen attendents neighborhood where you wonder why that family has so many cars and realize moments later its because theres that many people living there) it was no surprise to me when the "cat calls" by old construction workers followed in my BIKE DUST!

All I can say is I need a plan.

I must make the bike thing work for me as for the treadmill is getting (YAWN) old.