Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Oh-So-Boring-Perfection-Aiming Life

Well I am still jobless, considering I called my choice of work yesterday and the "boss" wasn't in. Arg.

Jobless is ok, I have money. Bored is not okay, I don't have enough money for my boredom. And I am bored a lot. I actually get bored very easily.

Here are my plans for today to steer clear of this disease I call being bored:
1)make a good healthy nutritious breakfast (although I really want a pop-tart, the answer is no)
2)run on the treadmill for at least 3 miles while watching re-runs of all the "I love" reality shows on MTV
3)Shower (while this happens rarely, it is a good idea to note when it occurs)
4)call the job again
5)go to Super Target and eat candy out of the Jelly Belly bins for 20 min or so in-cognito

I can't wait until school starts