Saturday, July 26, 2008

I hate apple.

I have ALWAYS wanted a MacBook. One of the really super G-tricked-out-1400-$-a-pop-Mac-Books. I have always thought they looked SO much cooler, and I love the idea of "why be stuck behind Gates and Windows when you can be free with an Apple" seriously, who thought of that? Steve Jobs was that you? Very good. (I'm studying PR and I'd so love to take credit for Apple's marketing--but not so much for their fairness)

And by fairness I mean the fact that Apple is playing with us all. And all of our emotions.

They get us excited just to hold out and let us down.

For instance: my boyfriend.

He waited in lines every morning for a week to get this new 16 gig 3G Iphone(yawn)

Apple continuously toyed with his emotions.

They wouldn't update their site saying which stores would get in phones (I even think they lied a couple of times... they're stirring the pot for sure)

They opened early on the one day my boyfriend didn't hit snooze and "would have" been first in line, had the store not opened 2 hours earlier than they said they were going to.

They only get a "certain number" in... but here's the kicker--one employee told my boyfriend that they have some left overs from "yesterday". Well guess what. My boyfriend was there yesterday and they had "sold out."

Someones selling out for sure.

These are just a few of the ways that Apple wants to take our poor little consumer driven westernized american minds and turn them into Apple-hungry (and I don't mean the obesity fighting apple -hungry) people!

But here's why I'm angry.

This is me. This is me on my computer. This is me on my computer trying to put the itunes I bought and or borrowed from my boyfriend, VERY LEGALLY AND TRYING TO PUT THEM ONTO MY COMPUTER WHILE ITUNES DOES EVERYTHING IN ITS POWER TO MAKE THIS THE MOST DIFFICULT FRUSTRATING EVENT IN ME-AND-MY-COMPUTER HISTORY.
I give up.
Apple- you win.
BTW_I think everyones kicking themselves in the ass because they didn't invent the Ipod. Seriously, Apple, that saved you. AND YOUR LUCKY.