Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why do I run?

Why do I run? Where do I get my motivation from?
I'm a waitress and I work about 5+hours a shift where I don't get to sit down for 5 hours strait. It is like the longest cardio workout ever.
And when I get off, I go home..
And all I can think about is "I need to go running"
Treadmill, track, pavement.
Why do I run?
Why do I never let myself talk myself out of running?
What is my motivation?
Oh yeah, THAT is.
I'm going to go run. :-)
Why don't you get off the internet and run too!

What's my motivation?

I try to run everyday. I like to run everyday. It makes me feel... sane.

When I get off of work at 5:00pm after going in at 9:00am, not having a break, not sitting down, constantly waitressing for 8 hours-I'm tired.


What gets me on my feet? What gets me on the track, treadmill, pavement. Why do I run? WHY?


I don't know.